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Weather and Railroad sites including Arkansas Railroader and nationwide Railroad Abandonments through 2010 plus CURRENT TRAIN PHOTOS/TRIPS. Also check out my  Wildlife, Nature Scenes, Flowers, Misc    


Little Rock's Text&Graphical Forecast (NWS N. Little Rock)

Arkansas Zones Forecasts (Including Little Rock from College of DuPage)

Little Rock Forecast

Little Rock current weather/short forecast
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Current Hourly Temps Worldwide Maps

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48 States Temp Trend Since 1895

Little Rock Hour-by-Hour Forecast
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New HRRR NOAA model

The WeatherVane weather forums
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New Ulm Forecast/Radar

Brenham Hour-by-Hour Forecast

Arkansas Zones Forecasts (DuPage)

Little Rock's Forecast   (Wunderground)

Little Rock 15-Day Forecast

Little Rock Computer Guidance

Toronto Weather

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Current NWS Forecast For Your City (Wunderground)

State and Local Forecasts, Warnings for the whole country (click on your state - IWIN)

Text Products for every state (NEXLAB)


Current Arkansas Hourly Weather

Current Hourly Temps Worldwide Maps

Current Temps Canada

Current Sea-Level Pressure-Canada

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Iraq Cities Weather




Current Surface Map over Arkansas(UCAR)

Current SFC Map Arkansas

Current Surface Map Centered over Alaska (UCAR)

Current Surface Maps(pick area - UCAR)

U.S. Pressure/temp Map

Current Surface Map of the Entire U.S. (UCAR)

National Weather Service Office  in North Little Rock-Homepage

(Layered map with roads, cities, rivers, etc)

If Little Rock's radar is down try:
Memphis Radar

Fort Smith, AR radar

Springfield, MO radar

Shreveport, LA radar
Realtime Radar Arkansas
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Little Rock Radar Realtime
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National Mosaic NWS Radar Map
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National NWS Radar Map
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Current National Radar

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Infrared over Arkansas

Infrared over Arkansas animated

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Visible  over Arkansas Animation

Ceilings and Visibilities

High resolution visible over Arkansas (DuPage)

Infrared Satellite over Arkansas (NOAA)

Current National IR
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Current National IR

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World IR Satellite View

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DuPage Satl Page

ADDS (NWS) Satellite
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National Satellite Movies  (FSL)

High Resolution Satellite Zoomable Site (Global Climate Center)






Current Sea Ice coverage long graph, Northern Hemisphere only, 1979 to Current Time

(Above graphs from
the University of Illinois-Urbana,



U. S. Drought Map

Air Quality Nationwide/Local

Intellicast Weather Homepage

3-Hour Pressure Changes (UCAR)

Sea Temperature Anomalies (U of Wisconsin)

Solar Weather and Weather News



Meteorologist Page (MOS, Model maps, soundings, etc)


180-hr GFS 500/MSL Composite

180-hr GFS MSL/Winds/Thickness

Current Sea-Level Pressure/Winds

Forecast  Map Today - NWS

12-hr Forecast Map - NWS

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36-hr Forecast Map - NWS

48-hr Forecast Map - NWS


NWS Weather Fatality Stats
10-yr & 30-yr Averages
(NEW site in 2010)

Climate Products from CDC Nationwide

CDC National Climate Map (click on state for specifics)

Regional U.S. Climate Data Centers

Climate change chart
(past 2 billion years)

3-Month Outlook

Climate Summary Maps
(High Plains Regional Climate Center - Interactive maps. You can calculate y/d departure from normal pcpn, for example)


RAILROAD ABANDONMENTS (I stopped updating in 2010)
Heartland Flyer sound movie of the  press inaugural June 14, 1999, 5 miles north of Pauls Valley OK

Passengers getting off the Heartland Flyer in Fort Worth, Texas, 1:10 p.m. July 26, 1999

Chuck Crisler's Railroad Page (lots of Amtrak Genesis, PanamaCanal, F40, other photos)

Depot News site (has depot, STB, and other rail news)
Various Current Railroad Digital Photos - each day separate and mostly taken in Arkansas and Texas
Progressive Railroading

KCS Santa Train Ashdown, AR  December 11, 2003
RailroadData - Links to over 4,000  railroad-related websites
Current Rail/Train/Trip Photos
The Automobile Subsidy
Night Photos of River Market Little Rock
The North Arkansas Line
This website is dedicated to the memory of the Missouri & North Arkansas Railroad, the communities it served and the people who fell in love with with the May Never Arrive.

More night photos of River Market, Aug 12, 2005
Trolleys at Riverfest, Little Rock 2005
Model trains/airplanes/rockets site
Good discussion forum for modeling called ''
L. T. Walker's (Rock Island conductor) stories told to Michael Hibblen audio MP3
Peabody Hotel Trolley Stop Dedication with Ducks Dec 2005

Denver, Enid and Guthrie Railroad History Website
CHOCTAW FREIGHT HOUSE demolition November 21, 2001 with story by Bill Pollard. This was one of the Rock Island freight stations in Little Rock, Arkansas. This one was demolished for the Clinton Library construction.
Gene Hull Railroad History Stories (only a few of his hundreds of stories).
American Railroads - A great site to get information on railroad history, current rail news, shortlines, etc.
America By Rail - Train Tours, Train Vacations.
America By Rail  Model Rail Search Engine


Transport Photograph Database (9,000 rail photos worldwide)

Zach Pumphery's SE Missouri Rails site
(Photos, Railfan locations, links)

Old RR Photos from Memory.Com

Alaska Princess Tour/Cruise (May 27-June 10, 2000)
Snow, February 2003
Fall Colors Arkansas 2002
Madison Baby Quilt 2005
Nature Sounds in our Backyard July 2005
Bluebonnets Texas 2002
Clinton Library Opening Nov 18, 2004
Backyard Deer photo
Fall Colors along railroad North Little Rock 2004
Riverfest Fireworks May 29, 2005
Flowers Texas April 5, 2005
Geese Winfield, Kansas 2003
Discovery Green Park-Butterfly, Houston, Texas, October 15, 2009
Morning Glories in rain, Brenham, Texas 2002
Panama City beach in sunset 2001
Quilts Aug 2, 2002
Quilts Sep 4, 2004
Quilt Show Little Rock 2002
Rainbow and UP train 2002
Visitors to New Ulm 1998
Hot Springs Quilt Show July 23, 2005
BLUE SUNSET Jan 31, 2006 GOLD&BLACK SUNSET Feb 16, 2006
New Years Eve 2005 at the Flying Saucer Little Rock LITTLE ROCK MARDIGRAS PARADE FEB 28, 2006 Ivory-billed Woodpecker Celebration, Brinkley AR Feb 23-25, 2006
Texas Bluebonnets, April 1, 2006
Tyler, TX Rose Garden-2006 Antique Rose Emporium TX
White River Wildlife Refuge Apr 22, 2006
Various birds
Cypress Swamp Hwy 70 east of North Little Rock, April 29, 2006
Air Show Little Rock Airport, April 30, 2006
Dark walking trail behind YMCA using high resolution setting, April 17, 2006
Clarendon, AR Bird Walk, May 20, 2006 Jefferson, Texas night photos June 13, 2006
Ivory-billed Woodpecker Celebration, Brinkley AR Feb 23-25, 2006 Eight deer in our yard January 18, 2007
Snowgeese-White River  Refuge, Arkansas February 2, 2008
Trumpeter Swans-Heber Springs, AR - Feb 10, 2008
Polar Express Train-Texas State Railroad, Dec 23, 2007
Rainbow-Clouds-Oct 17, 2007
Colorful Leaves, Dec 5, 2007
Colorful Sunset-Oct 8, 2007
Feeder Birds Aug 30, 2007
Crape Myrtles and bees, North Little Rock, AR July 2, 2008
Rohwer, AR Japanese Relocation Camp-Nov 2008 Snow Geese near Stuttgart, Arkansas November 27, 2009 TRUMPETER SWANS-ARKANSAS-2010 Texas Wildflowers, April 2010
Lone Monarch Butterfly Sep 8, 2010
North Little Rock, AR
Last days of YMCA in North Little Rock, AR. R.I.P. - lots of memories. Wine dinner at Ashleys Restaurant in Little Rock, AR with good friends, Friday evening, August 20, 2011 Shopping with Debbie and Amber, August 13, 2011
Fish Fry, August 13, 2011 Sarah Memorial Quilt at main Library, August 16, 2011 AVA BIRTHDAY, AUGUST 26, 2011 Kettle Corn Independence, MO, Sep 3, 2011
SUNRISE, N LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 25, 2011 Fall colors North LittleRock, November 8, 2011 Celebrate the Grape Festival North Little Rock, May 3, 2012 with friends. My activities surrounding my birthday 2012
Dead deer in my front yard May 22,, 2012. Final day of Lakewood 8 Theater N Little Rock, March 7, 2013 Cathedral Park Apartments Little Rock, April 15, 2013. These are apartments in an 1889 church. Berries, bees, flowers Little Rock, October 20, 2013
Fall colors Fayetteville, AR Nov 9, 2013 NASA's ORION space capsule Little Rock Dec 15, 2013. Icy Wonderland Little Rock February 4, 2014 Paul Mitchell Salon School birthday party for me on April 30, 2015.

Arkansas Historic Preservation Program Space Image of the Day
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      I'll try to put various good sites here with information about climate change/global warming. I'm trying to get various viewpoints and research sources for this site and if you have any sites you think would qualify, give me that link. Just email me at the email button at the top of this page. My opinion? The climate is changing, just like it has for millenia. There are cold periods and warm periods and these climate cycles would occur whether or not humans were present. However, since the human population on Earth has grown so large, I think we're having some influence on climate, but I'm not sure how much. 
      Having been a meteorologist for 32 years, I've seen and read about worse weather in the past than now (for instance, the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 was the worst hurricane to hit the US in history, NOT Katrina). And there was much less CO2 in the atmosphere back then, too, so why was it so stormy back then?
      Having been a weather forecaster for those 32 years, I also worked with many different computer programs trying to predict the weather and none of those programs were ever 100 percent accurate. With this in mind, I have a hard time believing the current long-range cimate computer models are any more accurate, so I have a hard time believing a computer program that says we're going to be 'x' degrees warmer in 50 years than today. I don't think we know enough about climate to even put in the right variables into a long-range climate computer program. Even the IPCC said they didn't include data on low clouds in their models, which tells me more research is definitely needed (low clouds have a cooling effect, high clouds a warming effect).
     Global warming is not a hoax as the planet is in a mostly-natural warming cycle (has been since the end of the Ice Age). However, there will be cooling periods, like it has been the past few years, along with warming periods. It's called 'nature' and 'weather'! I feel that we'll adjust fine as we learn more and deal with it. (Ken Z - retired meteorologist)

48 States Temp Trend Since 1895 (NOAA/NCDC - does not show consistent warming in the states)
U. S. Drought Map Climate change chart  (Last 2 billion years)
(Entire historical record with daily extremes and events for each day of the year beginning in 1879)
Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks to record lows - August 2007
(National Snow and Ice Data Center)

Another Article by NASA
(Explains that clear skies and strong winds aided in the melting.)
NASA and Journal Science reported a
new Ice Age possible in a 1971 article
( with good sources)
Journal NATURE Main Climate Site
Journal NATURE Climate Blogs
(Very good discussions on climate change from a respected, peer-reviewed source)
American Meteorological Society Blogs
(Good climate change discussions from the AMS)
(Discussions on climate change, most very good. It tries to debunk any view that doesn't go along with the prevailing scientific consensus that humans are the main cause of the warming, but it at  least lists other opinions)
Climate Ark
(Stories and news on climate change with a lot of focus on deforestation)

Deep Sea Warming is where much of the heat increase of the Earth is happening. Great science-based article, Feb 2015. .
World Climate Report
(According to the site "The World's Longest Running Climate Change Blog"). It has some very good articles.
Weather Channel Climate Blog
(Interesting articles and blogs. One article talked about the over paving of America and the heat island effect, for instance (Sep 20, 2007 Purdue study).
Foreign Policy Association Climate Change web log
(Discusses such issues as carbon tax, political climate decisions, energy bills, etc)
Environmental Defense Fund- Climate 411 blogs
(Good articles on climate change, leans toward the consensus of human-caused warming)
Cold kills more than heat - WSJ Opinion Sep 20. 2007
(This opinion says that global warming may not be so bad - here's a partial quote: "Whereas 2,000 people died in the United Kingdom in that heat wave (Aug 2003), last year (2006) the BBC reported that deaths caused by cold weather in England and Wales were about 25,000 each winter")
Global Warming Primer - National Center for Policy Analysis
(A 40-page PDF file that has great charts of various causes and explains global warming in great detail)
Co2 Did NOT cause the end of last Ice Age
(NASA-Sep 27, 2007)
("The climate dynamic is much more complex than simply saying that CO2 rises and the temperature warms," Stott said. The complexities "have to be understood in order to appreciate how the climate system has changed in the past and how it will change in the future.")
(Sep 2007 - "Dr. Bromwich (head of Polar Meteorology Group at Byrd Polar Research Center) found that the global models that the IPCC relies on are at odds with his own findings. Antarctica's temperatures during the late 20th century did not climb as global climate models predicted.)

Live Antarctic Webcam
List of Advancing Glaciers
(From - has good sources listing advancing glaciers and other non-warming articles)

Growing Glaciers Article
(Viewed Oct 2007)
IPCC  clarification: There are too many who think the IPCC does a lot of the scientific work on examining global warming/climate change. They do NOT (from their website): "The IPCC does not carry out research nor does it monitor climate related data or other relevant parameters. It bases its assessment mainly on peer reviewed and published scientific/technical literature.") Check out their website:
(Excellent NOAA article and webcams discussion about the short Arctic summers in 2002-2003-2004. "Despite the small number of ice thickness measurements that are available, it seems highly likely that the summer loss of ice in 2004 was anomalously small and that the 2004 melting season was unusually short." Low clouds were present in 2004, unlike the unusually warm Arctic summer of 2007, when skies were abnormally clear.)
Global Warming Not As Bad as Hyped - ABC News 20/20 Oct 19, 2007
(Is it a crisis? The globe is warming, but is it really all our fault? And is it true the debate is over? No. What you think you know may not be so It also says some IPCC reviewers are NOT scientists.)

(A great weather site with weather forecasts worldwide, weather discussion forums)
Maldives Islands Sea Level Facts
(From Stanford University - good PDF article showing sea levels have been much higher and lower at the Maldives than present and inhabitants survived.)
(Great movie interviews showing both sides of the global warming issues)

Antarctica Spared Most Warming
(November 2007 final IPCC report relayed by AccuWeather)

Also, news article on above
IPCC AR4 Report (PDF)
(November 2007 - good reading on regional and global warming causes and effects - not as alarmist as some would think. About 11 MB))

(Shows cooling central and eastern Antarctica, warming in the west)
Not All Arctic Changes Due to Global Warming  - (NASA - November 13, 2007)
("A team of NASA and university scientists has detected an ongoing reversal in Arctic Ocean circulation triggered by atmospheric circulation changes that vary on decade-long time scales. The results suggest not all the large changes seen in Arctic climate in recent years are a result of long-term trends associated with global warming.")

(This petition says that "There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth." Lots of good charts and it lists names of signers and states they live in.)
Current N Hemisphere Sea Ice
(University of Illinois-Urbana) - Graph showing up to date sea ice in the northern hemisphere for the past 365 days.)

Cryosphere Today
(Various products showing sea ice-UIUC)

Total Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice
(in case the charts on UIUC's site go down)

Arctic Climate Change
(Good papers, news from UIUC)
Arctic Temperatures 1960-2004 and 1880-2004
(This site uses some UIUC data from 1979 to present showing the low sea ice extent through summer 2007, but also shows a chart of Arctic temperatures from 1960-2004 and the same chart going back to 1880. These graphs show that Arctic temperatures were much warmer in the 1920-1940 period that today).
This good site has graphics and summaries of  the dangers of  a warming planet and how man-made climate change is destroying the earth. 
Study showing how the media over-hypes global warming
Business and Media Institute)

John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, weather blog
(He doesn't believe there is a climate crisis)

Unbiased look at the GW issue
(ICECAP, International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project, is the portal to all things climate for elected officials and staffers, journalists, scientists, educators and the public.)

US Senate Report Listing 400 International Scientists who disagree with Global Warming alarmism
(While most agree the earth is warming, they disagree with the 'Science it Settled' and alarmists mentality of the IPCC summary and major media outlets. This report lists the 400 names and affiliations  and their reasons for dissent. Report issued December 2007 )




(This says human/industrial CO2 production is dwarfed by animal and other natural CO2 production and that the only way we can reduce CO2 and not cause a decrease in breathable oxygen is to plant billions of trees that have been lost since 1492)

CFACT-Good articles on environmental issues that often are not seen elsehwere.  It says it supports 'Sound Science'

A former NASA scientist with articles on global climate.



(Good site for a more balanced view on climate change, not just the headlines and alarmism, but also news behind the headlines that gets ignored in the media)

REALTIME DAILY ARCTIC SEA ICE MAP (UIUC) -  Shows daily sea ice extent in the Arctic back to 1979. You can compare each day's extent from one year to the next. .

(Science news from Discovery Channel - started November 2009)
NASA - JPL Global Warming Site (lots of good graphs and information)
Among some information on the site: " Carbon cycle. Currently, natural processes remove about half of each year's human carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere, although this varies a bit year to year. It isn't well understood where this carbon dioxide goes, with some evidence that the oceans are the major repository and other evidence that land biota absorbs the majority. There is also some evidence that the ability of the Earth system to continue absorbing it may decline as the world warms, leading to faster accumulation in the atmosphere. But this possibility isn't well understood either. The upcoming Orbiting Carbon Observatory mission will mark NASA's first attempt to answer some of these questions via space observations."


"Sea level rise. In its 2007 Fourth Assessment Report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change used new satellite data to conclude that shrinkage of ice sheets may contribute more to sea level rise than it had thought as recently as 2001. The panel concluded that it could not "provide a best estimate or an upper bound for sea level rise" over the next century due to their lack of knowledge about Earth's ice.2 There are 5-6 meters worth of sea level in the Greenland ice sheet, and 6-7 meters in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, while the much larger East Antarctic Ice Sheet is probably not vulnerable to widespread melting in the next century. Many hundreds of millions of people live within that range of sea level increase, so our inability to predict what sea level rise is likely over the next century has substantial human and economic ramifications."