On Monday, April 15, 2013, I went to visit the Cathedral Park Apartments in Little Rock, Arkansas to try and determine its history (for those who think I take pictures of trains only, not so. Historical structures are also fascinating to me and I've been involved in getting structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places).  Here is some information I gathered on this former church from a blog and from a gentleman and lady who lived across the street from the apartments:

The Little Rock church at 15th & Center was built in 1889. For its first thirty years it was home to the Winfield Methodist congregation. In 1919 it was purchased by the town's growing Greek Orthodox community and became the home to the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church until 1983, at which time, like Winfield and many others, the congregation moved westward. The building was then converted to apartments. The original slate roof was replaced with shingles in 1991.

Part of this taken from this blog:

Here are my photos taken April 15:

Front of the structure is now entrance to Apts 1 & 2). I think it would be great to live in one of these apartments.

A nice modern touch...satellite dishes....lol.

Stained glass remains. I'd like to see what the inside of this apartment looks like with the stained glass.

Back side of the former church.

Modern electrical meters.

It looks like there used to be some sort of basement entry underground.

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