A memorial quilt for Sarah was made by her Arkansas Quilters Guild friend Judy Rickard and donated to Central Arkansas Library System's Main Library on Rock Street, Little Rock, Arkansas. It will be displayed somewhere in the library in remembrance of Sarah and her love of quilting and books. Here are some pictures I did of the quilt on August 15, 2011.

You will notice that the quilt was made from Sarah's large stash of cat fabric. I used to find this fabric and buy it for her over the years in quilt shops and even Wal Mart. She loved fun stuff and vivid colors like this. I'm proud to have this displayed in the library.

A small correction: Sarah was born in Savannah, Georgia and moved to Tifton, Georgia a few years later.

The pink ribbon is from one of the floral arrangements at Sarah's funeral in October, 2010 and is still standing in our back yard almost a year later.

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