The Northside (Heflin) YMCA in North Little Rock, AR  closed its doors March 31, 2011, falling victim to other outlets for exercise and sports in this area. I went inside on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 for some final pictures of rooms inside the Y where I have many fond and special memories. I met a lot of friends there over the Y's 30+ year history, including our church's volleyball league play, basketball, soccer and T-ball games, exercise machines, and many more activities. But my best and fondest memories are of the aerobics classes I went to for over 15 years, some of which I taught in the mid 1990s. There was regular aerobics, step aerobics (which I taught at times, and was even certified by NEDITA), senior aerobics and water aerobics (which I also taught at times).

I met many nice people in these classrooms over the years, most being good-looking ladies, some of whom are still good friends (how does the saying go? 'Those who exercise together stay friends forever'?)  We all had a special bonding with fellow class members that only exercising together can bring. If you or anyone you know exercises in structured classes, you know what I mean.

Anyway, it's a sad day for me and these pictures bring back many good memories, and I hope they do for you too. R.I.P. (Ken Ziegenbein)

Front of the Heflin YMCA on Tuesday, March 30, 2011.

The Y's pool, which saw many active days of swimming and water aerobics.

The workout room with many treadmills and other exercising equipment.

Here's the darkened aerobics room where I spent hours exercising and teaching with a room full of great people. The broken mirror with the tape was there since at least 1995.

My spot was usually along the wall to the left next to the exercise bars.

This gym saw many volleyball and basketball games.

Our class members spent a lot of time outside these doors to the aerobics room, waiting to enter and exercise for an hour. This is where a lot of friendly conversations occurred.

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