On Thursday, September 4, 2008, I had the pleasure of being given a tour of Union Pacific's Bailey Yard in North Platte, Nebraska by Supt. Chad Wilbourn. This is the world's largest rail yard. Before I went on the tour, I went to the new Golden Spike Tower and viewed the yard from 8 stories high.
   Bailey Yard covers 2,850 acres, eight miles long, and contains 260 miles of track. Every 24 hours the yard handles 10,000 rail cars with 3,000 sorted daily. There are an average of 120 trains a day through Bailey Yard. UP has 2,200 employees in the North Platte area. One of UP's largest locomotive repair shops is located here and can repair 750 locomotives a month, operating 24 hours a day. A rail car repair facility is also located in the yard complex and repair an average of 50 cars dailey. (From 'North Platte, Nebraska Bailey Yard' brochure.)
   UP's Heritage units 1982 and 1988 were in the yard on this day, as was former Amtrak F40-PH 327 and MKT red boxcar with trademark.
   Here are a few photos, all taken by Ken Ziegenbein. Please do not repost on other websites.

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From a quilt shop under the US 83 highway overpass in North Platte, looking through the fence to the west as an eastbound coal train nears at 10:25 a.m. UP 7114 leads the coal train.

RIGHT-The new (since June 2008) Golden Spike Tower. There's a nice museum on the bottom floor and viewing areas on the 7th and 8th floors, the top one being enclosed with glass windows 360 degrees with chairs and hosts.

This elevator takes you to the upper floors.

LEFT-Looking west from the top. RIGHT-Looking north.

LEFT-The 7th floor viewing area. RIGHT-Looking east.

LEFT-North again. RIGHT-Zoomed in a little, looking northwest.

LEFT-Zoomed in looking west. RIGHT-Looking down at cars in the parking lot.

LEFT-The 8th floor enclosed viewing area. RIGHT-The Superintendent's building northeast of the tower.

RIGHT-Before I went on the Bailey Yard tour at 2 p.m., I saw this MKT red boxcar, MKT 5102, with the Katy trademark still visible. I knew UP had at least one of these rare cars.

LEFT-Supt. Chad Wilbourn in his office. RIGHT-Inside the locomotive repair facility.

LEFT-Saw UP 1982, the MoPac Heritage unit, through the door of the repair facility. RIGHT-Another view of the 1982.

The Golden Spike Tower from Bailey Yard.

RIGHT-OK...I had to get this photo of Area 51 in Bailey Yard.  I'm sure it was just a coincidence to have this number here, but Area 51 is also that famous secret military/UFO area in Nevada.

RIGHT-Chad Wilbourn said this caboose was used in the winter sometimes as a crew mover.

LEFT-UP Heritage 1988.

Former Amtrak F40-PH 327 in the yard, not MRLX 327.

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