Here's a few photos I made with my Little Rock families during various special occasions in April 2012.

The pictures below were taken Saturday, April 28, 2012 in Heber Springs, Arkansas during their annual Spring Festival.

Jakob, Debbie and Ted doing kettle corn at the Heber Springs, Arkansas Spring Festival, Saturday, April 28, 2012. Believe it or not, I helped bag kettle corn for almost 4 hours and I'm still achy.

The line waiting to buy the Mann's famous kettle corn was long and stayed this long all day.

Jakob and Debbie again.

Ted did all the stirring and made the kettle corn.


The following pictures were taken Saturday night, also on April 28, 2012, at Cantina Laredo in Little Rock for Shiloh's 17th birthday.

There were 11 here. Seen are Nick, Jessica, Shiloh and Sterling.

Shiloh's sparkling  birthday candle.

Shiloh, Sterling and Beth.

Nick and Jessica.

Bradley, Abby, Michelle and Sarah.

Shiloh, Sterling, Beth, and Stephen.

Outside the restaurant (a modern Mexican restaurant). Sarah is holding a bag of kettle corn I got in Heber Springs earlier in the day.

Shiloh documenting everything in movie format.


Following were taken Sunday afternoon, April 29, 2012 at the Empress Bed and Breakfast in the Quapaw Historic District in Little Rock. This also was a party for Shiloh on her 17th birthday. We arranged to have an afternoon tea in the mansion, which was delightful.

Jessica in front of The Empress 100-year-old bed and breakfast at 22nd and Louisiana Street in the historic Quapaw District in Little Rock on Sunday afternoon, April 29.

Our Tea at the Empress.


Our hostess.

Stephen at the old piano in the house. To hear him play, click on the photo above or the link below:

Antique dolls.

One of the vailed beds.

Jessica and daughter Shiloh looking very glamorous.

What a handsome looking group! I dressed in my 'Steam Punk' old west outfit with the Boler hat.

Same picture, but cropped to get a closer shot.

The Empress.

Backyard swing.

Sterling and a cat.

Loving the hammock.


I was surprised by the Williams family at the Flying Saucer at noon on my birthday, Monday, April 30.  Jessica even had a white tablecloth on the Saucer table and a cake with candles! Following are some photos of this event:

Fresh flowers on the Saucer table.

My birthday cake. It was great.

Happy moments.

Here we all are. I had the brat plate. L-R: Ken, Nick, Sarah, Sterling, Jessica, Michelle, Shiloh and Stephen.

It was over in a flash. Always sad to end a party.


My last birthday event was also on April 30. Kaleena (who was pregnant and past her due date) took me to Juanitas Mexican Restaurant in Little Rock Monday evening, April 30. She and Qualo, the baby's father, treated me to a good meal.

Kaleena and Qualo at our table.

Those stuffed Jalapeno's were HOT!

It was raining.

Taken from the car on the way home. No I wasn't driving, Kaleena

I wish to thank all you guys for all of the things you do with me. Since my wife Sarah died a year and a half ago, you've all been a real blessing to me and I'm honored to call each and every one of you a friend for life.