Here are more of my ice pictures taken February 4, 2014 at Little Rock and North Little Rock, AR minus the train pictures. Much of Arkansas was under an Ice Storm Warning on this day and ice accumulated on trees and  power lines  up to 3/4th inch. Roads and bridges were slick in the morning. However, by 2 pm I noticed that the temperature had risen to 33 degrees so I walked out to the road and saw that the road in front of my house was only wet and drivable, so I decided to drive around my neighborhood and check out the driving conditions. The roads were passable, but heavy ice was all around, in the trees, power lines, grass. There were no problems driving and I was practically the only car on the road. Here are those icy photos.

Bent over trees in my neighborhood.

Ice laden power lines in North Little Rock.

Broadway Street in North Little Rock. Note the lack of cars. It was about 2 p.m.

Downtown Little Rock on the Broadway Bridge. Amazing that there were no cars, but all schools and many other places were closed. That meant I could enjoy myself and even stop and take pictures like this one. Look how that low, grey  cloud touches the top of that bank building.

On West Markham Street Little Rock, mid afternoon.

An icy wonderland.

Ice on the bricks at Union Station.

Ice on the Amtrak platform in Little Rock.

Like frosted Christmas trees.

An old power pole, which had already been on the ground, surrounded by ice.

A 'cool' smoke with Camel. This was on the fence at the Amtrak station, which is also a smoke break stop for Amtrak's Texas Eagle passenger train. I've never smoked, but I remember Camels as a major brand growing up, along with Lucky Strike with LSMFT (Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco) as its slogan. (Are the still around?)

Trimming an ice covered tree that that was touching a power line at Union Station.

The tree before it was trimmed.

The tree after trimming.

Arkansas State Capitol.

The Moon was trying to come out about 7 p.m.

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