UP 1996, the Southern Pacific heritage unit, UP 6938, newly repainted Centennial display locomotive at Jenks Shops, SSW 9699 Cotton Belt unit, and two newly painted RSSX units, No. 4130 and 576, all in North Little Rock, AR Wednesday, August 22, 2012.

UP 1996.

SSW 9699 Cotton Belt locomotive. I couldn't see any UP markings on it.

Both units coupled together.

RSSX 576 and 4130.

Newly painted UP 6938 back on its display tracks after being painted at UP's Jenks Shops. This repainting was done for UP's North Little Rock's 150th anniversary celebrations to be held in October.

Other angles. R J Corman moved it 
from the paint shop to the display site using 4 side cranes. It was moved earlier than I expected (about 2 hours earlier), so I missed the move, but still got a few shots of the equipment being used to move it.

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