Scenic photos from our Yellowstone vacation, August 21-September 6, 2008.

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LEFT-Chimney Rock, Nebraska, August 22, 2008. RIGHT-
Flowers at Scotts Bluff, Nebraska, August 22.

LEFT-Scotts Bluff overlook, route of the Oregon Trail. RIGHT-
Guernsey, Wyoming at a park, August 22.

LEFT-These and the next scenes were taken along scenic US Highway 16 between Buffalo and Worland, Wyoming August 23. There were some steep grades on this road. RIGHT-Butterfly
at Meadowlark Lake west of Buffalo, Wyoming, August 23.

LEFT-Meadowlark Lake is to the right. RIGHT-
Tensleep valley, August 23.

LEFT-Flowers at the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, Wyoming, August 24. RIGHT-
Sunset from a parking lot at the Buffalo Bill Museum. There was smoke from a wildfire adding to the colors. August 24.

Scenes along the Shoshone River between Cody and Yellowstone National Park. We're on US Highway 14-16-20, August 25.

LEFT-First stop for photos inside Yellowstone, August 25.

August 26, 2008 on the Beartooth Highway tour out of Yellowstone. RIGHT-The Beartooth Mountains. We're north of Cooke City, Montana, our our way to an elevation of nearly 11,000 feet - August 26.

RIGHT-At the top of the world, so to speak. We're at 10,847 feet. It was very windy and chilly.

LEFT-I walked to the top of area and looked at the spiraling road that we came up on. It was hard to keep my balance due to the strong winds. RIGHT-
Barren top of the West Summit, Shoshone National Forest, Montana. Elevation 10,847 feet.

Sunset over the Lamar Valley, August 27, after we had attended a cookout and wagon ride at Roosevelt Lodge.

A geyser, I don't know which one. It was next to the road so I stopped and it had a STRONG sulphur odor. It's now August 28 and we're headed for Grant Village from Mammoth Hot Springs. RIGHT- A scene from the highway to Grant Village.

The Madison River on a side trip to West Yellowstone, August 28. RIGHT-Fishermen in the deep blue Madison River.

Yellow and blue serenity.

Lilypads on the east side of the road at the continental divide at Isa Lake. Water in Isa Lake on the east side of the road drains into the Pacific Ocean and the water in Isa Lake on the west side of the road drains into the Atlantic Ocean, opposite of what you'd think.

LEFT-A little yellow on the green lillypads. RIGHT-We took the "Cruise Around the Canyon" Yellowbus from Canyon Lodge at 2:30 p.m. August 29. We were the only two on this particular tour, but other tours we took had full buses. The buses only hold 10-13. Here's a fast-running stream.

LEFT-QUICKTIME MOVIE. Click the left photo above to view a sound Quicktime movie of this scene. (LARGE FILE). RIGHT-Another view.

RIGHT-Yellowstone Lake at the Lake Hotel, August 29.

After the meal at the Lake Hotel, we took another Yellowbus tour called "Lake Butte Sunset Tour", which took us to a high overlook to view the day's sunset. Along the way we saw more of the Yellowstone River and lots of flowers.

RIGHT-The 'Woods' in Yellowstone.

LEFT-The Grand Teton's could be seen in the distance over Lake Yellowstone, August 29. RIGHT-
Sunset over Lake Yellowstone from a mountaintop.

LEFT-Final photo of August 29. RIGHT-These clouds were rolling off the distant mountains over West Yellowstone around noon August 30.

LEFT-August 31, north of Colter Bay on US 287, heading for Grand Teton. This is Lewis Lake. RIGHT-
Lewis Valley.

Jackson Lake.

LEFT-The Grand Teton, 11:25 a.m. August 31. RIGHT-
This bird flew through the scene and I had no idea it was there until I looked at the shot later.

Cropped view of the bird and Grand Teton. RIGHT-
Closeup of bird.

Grand Teton's at Colter Bay, August 31. RIGHT-Looking back on the Tetons on our way to Lander, Wyoming.

RIGHT-Purple strata.

LEFT-It's now Labor Day, September 1, 2008 and we're in Lander, Wyoming. These flowers were in the yard of the Blue Spruce Inn Bed and Breakfast. RIGHT-
On our way to South Pass. Very colorful strata. September 1.

LEFT-Lander, Wyoming cemetery. RIGHT-
On our way from Lander, Wyoming to Chadron, Nebraska September 2. This was next to the Ice Slough historic site.

LEFT-Devil's Gap, close to Indendence Rock. RIGHT-
Independence Rock historic site, September 2.

LEFT-Closeup of a sunflowers. Nebraska and Wyoming were run over by sunflowers. RIGHT-
On September 3, we visited the Museum of the Fur Trade near Chadron, Nebraska on our way to North Platte, Nebraska. These purple flowers were at the museum.

RIGHT-This large sunflower field was located off US Highway 285 near Hemmingford, Nebraska, on our way to Alliance and North Platte, Nebraska, September 3.

RIGHT-These colorful flowers were in the median of downtoan Alliance, Nebraska, September 3, 2008.

LEFT-Flower at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma September 6. Next stop - home. RIGHT-Red Spider Lily in our front yard when we got home. This was the last picture I took on our Yellowstone 2008 vacation (I took about 2,000 digital photos with my 10 megapixel, 12X optical zoom camera, the Panasonic DMC-FZ50 with Leica lenses)

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