Wildlife photos from our Yellowstone vacation, August 21-September 6, 2008.

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Pelicans. We're in Yellowstone, south of Mammoth Hot Springs on the Yellowstone River. It was early afternoon August 25.

This Osprey caught a fish.  We were on a Yellowbus tour out of Mammoth Hot Springs Lodge, August 25.

A baby Osprey on a nest.

Black bear crossing the road in the Lamar Valley of Yellowtone, August 25.

Elk at the Mammoth Hot Springs Lodge, August 26.

This fawn was playing with this bird.

Four bull moose were in this tall grass at the Petrified Tree in Yellowstone, August 26.

A coyote.

A wolf in Lamar Valley August 26. It was way in the distance.

A grizzly bear, Lamar Valley, August 26.

A bison, also known as buffalo, walked right up to our tour bus August 26.

Back at Mammoth Lodge. More elk. Late afternoon August 26.

More bison in Lamar Valley, August 27.

Closeup of a moose at the Petrified Tree, August 27.

A fly in Yellowstone!! This was at the wagon ride and cookout at Roosevelt Lodge August 27.

From the wagon ride back to Roosevelt Lodge after the cookout, August 27.

Geese along the road on the way to Grant Village from Mammoth Hot Springs Lodge, August 28.

A bull elk on a stream next to the road to Grant Village, August 28.

This elk just finished rubbing his antlers on the ground.

Casually strutting acrosss the road.

Walking the center stripes. Ain't in no hurry.  Still on our way to Grant Village, August 28.

Ducks on the Madison River, August 28.

Duck in the lilypads at the Continental Divide pulloff near Grant Village August 28.

A coyote about to pounce on a meal. Taken on our way to Canyon, August 29.

Wooley Worm.

Herons. Yellowstone Lake is in the distance, August 29.

Several moose on a river east of West Yellowstone. We saw these on our way back from a trip to West Yellowstone, August 30.

Staring right at me across the river.

Ducks and baby ducks August 31. This was south of the Grand Tetons on our way to Lander, Wyoming August 31.

A deer ran onto this construction area north of Lander, Wyoming August 31.

Sage Grouse....on the threatened species list, right outside South Pass, Wyoming, which we visisted September 1 while we were staying in Lander.

We said goodbye to our kitty friends at the Blue Spruce Bed and Breaskfast in Lander right after another excellent breakfast on September 2, 2008.

A pronghorn off the road from Lander to Lusk, Wyoming, September 2.

Squirrel outside our restaurant window at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa on our way home, September 6.