Wildlife photos from our Yellowstone vacation, August 21-September 6, 2008.

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LEFT-Pelicans. We're in Yellowstone, south of Mammoth Hot Springs on the Yellowstone River. It was early afternoon August 25. RIGHT-
This Osprey caught a fish.  We were on a Yellowbus tour out of Mammoth Hot Springs Lodge, August 25.

LEFT-A baby Osprey on a nest. RIGHT-
Black bear crossing the road in the Lamar Valley of Yellowtone, August 25.

LEFT-Elk at the Mammoth Hot Springs Lodge, August 26. RIGHT-
This fawn was playing with this bird.

LEFT-Four bull moose were in this tall grass at the Petrified Tree in Yellowstone, August 26. RIGHT-
A coyote.

LEFT-A wolf in Lamar Valley August 26. It was way in the distance. RIGHT-
A grizzly bear, Lamar Valley, August 26.

LEFT-A bison, also known as buffalo, walked right up to our tour bus August 26. RIGHT-
Back at Mammoth Lodge. More elk. Late afternoon August 26.

LEFT-More bison in Lamar Valley, August 27.

Closeup of a moose at the Petrified Tree, August 27.

LEFT-A fly in Yellowstone!! This was at the wagon ride and cookout at Roosevelt Lodge August 27. RIGHT-From the wagon ride back to Roosevelt Lodge after the cookout, August 27.

LEFT-Geese along the road on the way to Grant Village from Mammoth Hot Springs Lodge, August 28. RIGHT-
A bull elk on a stream next to the road to Grant Village, August 28.

LEFT-This elk just finished rubbing his antlers on the ground. RIGHT-
Casually strutting acrosss the road.

LEFT-Walking the center stripes. Ain't in no hurry.  Still on our way to Grant Village, August 28. RIGHT-
Ducks on the Madison River, August 28.

LEFT-Duck in the lilypads at the Continental Divide pulloff near Grant Village August 28. RIGHT-
A coyote about to pounce on a meal. Taken on our way to Canyon, August 29.

RIGHT-Wooley Worm.

LEFT-Herons. Yellowstone Lake is in the distance, August 29. RIGHT-
Several moose on a river east of West Yellowstone. We saw these on our way back from a trip to West Yellowstone, August 30.

LEFT-Staring right at me across the river. RIGHT-
Ducks and baby ducks August 31. This was south of the Grand Tetons on our way to Lander, Wyoming August 31.

LEFT-A deer ran onto this construction area north of Lander, Wyoming August 31. RIGHT-Sage Grouse....on the threatened species list, right outside South Pass, Wyoming, which we visisted September 1 while we were staying in Lander.

LEFT-We said goodbye to our kitty friends at the Blue Spruce Bed and Breaskfast in Lander right after another excellent breakfast on September 2, 2008. RIGHT-A pronghorn off the road from Lander to Lusk, Wyoming, September 2.

Squirrel outside our restaurant window at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa on our way home, September 6.